Yes, you heard me. The possibilities are endless, it starts with a good lip care routine.

I am often asked how on earth do I wear lipstick every day without my lips cracking or being cacky. YEAH I wear lipstick (or lip liner) most of the time, sometimes I substitute with lip gloss though.

You can call me an advocate of lip care, that’s how obsessed I am with taking care of my lips.

Those who know me, know I swear by the olive oil and sugar lip care routine- which I do once or twice a week. But, as years went by I discovered different lip care routines that can be done on a daily basis- making wearing lipstick every day way better.

I actually don’t know what to call this “everyday-lip-care-routine.”

How about: Hot water cloth and toothbrush scrub?

Yes?..No?.. Maybe?..

Whatever you call this routine, trust me, it works wonders and I suggest you try it soon.

Processed with VSCO

For this daily routine you will need 3 things:

  1. Hot water (not boiling- you will burn yourself)
  2.  Cloth
  3.  Toothbrush- I have an extra cloth and toothbrush that a strictly for the use of my lips

Just dab the cloth in hot water and scrub your lips- I do this in the evenings when I take my lipstick off. And in the mornings I brush my lips with the toothbrush and rinse with lukewarm water- this has an exfoliating effect on the lips. Remember to moisturize your lips after

Take care of your lips. Wear lipstick. Conquer the world

X, Senamile


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