Not entirely a facelift but I think it’s close enough. I bet you all know by now that I am a regular make-up user and therefore I am always reading up on “pre-make-up hacks” that can possibly give me the best make-up effect on my skin.

I am not a fan of these fancy, expensive products that promise to assist in perfect looking skin- I do not use them at all, my skin is very irritable and sensitive. Some may say I haven’t found the right product but I think my kitchen/food products are doing me just fine. So, I will be sticking to them.

The “facelift” product I am talking about is an egg white mask. It is easy to prepare and it is one of my “go-toos” whenever I’m going out to a fancy dinner or event. Here is how you can make the mask:

  1. Break one egg in a bowl and separate the egg yolk.
  2. Mix the egg white and beat it with the help of fork or egg beater
  3. Apply the mixture on your face and let it air dry.
  4. Wash your face with warm water and dry your face.
  5. Apply your make-up

The egg mask helps with removing whiteheads, excess oil and deeply cleanses the skin. I must say, even though I like this mask very much I do limit my use of it because I have a dry overall skin and oily T-zone (I think I have a combination skin type), it makes my skin drier if used in excess. Using it occasionally works perfect for my face.

Should you try it out, please let me know how it goes. Chat soon


     X, Senamile

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist or skin expert, I share beauty hacks that I tried and had good results on my skin. Please consult your doctor before trying out anything.


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