A few Sundays ago, I came across a MEME on my Facebook feed written: “I am not emotionally prepared for tomorrow to be Monday” LOL, I just had to share it on my timeline.

I found it funny because that is exactly how I feel with most, if not all, Mondays. Mondays are just a drag.

How about you change your Monday approach? From Blue Monday to, in my case, Orange Mondays. I must say I had a good Monday, it was the BEST- I even overslept on the Tuesday thinking it was Saturday- that’s how good that Monday was.

I made that Monday JOLLY by wearing a dress my mother helped me choose, which is currently in the list of my favourite dresses- you will be amazed at how dressing up can make your Monday… even your week!


Here’s how I approach BLUE Mondays:

  1. I prepare for Monday the night before- iron clothes, pack lunch and work bag
  2. Wake up 15 minutes before my actual wake-up time and take a long shower- I take my time
  3. Wear my favourite dress (there’s just something about dresses)
  4. Do my face, yes make-up. I even contour on bad days- a perfect “pick-me-up”
  5. Have a cup of black coffee. Then… I’m good to go

Just about 7 weeks of the year left, a lot of us are dragging feet especially on Mondays. Reboot your mind and have a fresh start

Chat soon


Shop it:  Bodycon Dress with Cutout Neck Detail Heel sandal


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