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There are days where my hair is on some “ratch fleek”, it refuses to co-operate with me, I don’t flourish whatsoever. During these days everything goes wrong, well… not entirely everything per say, just the hair.
But you guys know the saying: “Your hair can make or break your overall style”
So it’s everything that goes wrong.

Whenever these days creep in I resort to curling my hair- it’s actually quick, easy and FREE. Yebo, yes I do it myself at home. I just refuse to pay R250 at the salon for a dry-curl that I can do myself.

Shout out to my lil sister Banele for teaching me this hair trick!!

I keep it simple- I wash my hair with shampoo, while the hair is wet I twist my hair in tiny knots and let it air dry.

Once the knots are dry I apply coconut oil on my scalp and sleep- I usually do this at night, so wear a head scarf/doek so the knots stay in tact.
In the morning before work I just untie the knots, blend them nicely with a comb or hand, spray the curls with the hair spray and then… vowla… good to go.

This go-to hairstyle makes a huge difference during bad hair days. And I always make sure I spray the curls real good, they look awful when dry.
Try it out and let me know how it goes.
What is your easy, quick and free go-to hairstyle that I can try out?

X, Senamile


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