Have you picked that working out during rainy days or cold weather is just NOT fun. LAZY kicks in hard. For those who don’t know, the previous week was a hectically rainy one- in Johannesburg and most parts in South Africa.

Having a rainy week will mess up my training week if I don’t apply certain “systems” to stay motivated. All I think off was hot chocolate, blankets and a good series. OH, even vetkoeks crosses my mind a couple of times!

So like, LOL I just want to laugh at myself for a minute. I was a splashing victim last week, not once but TWICE. I bet you drivers splash people on purpose.

LIKE DUDE!!! Don’t you see the pool of water where you are driving???

The first incident happened on Monday, I was by the entrance of the apartment.

SPLASH!!!! (That’s all I heard)

My eyes became teary, my hair was dripping…such an embarrassing moment

Tuesday was the second incident, I was doing my LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) training, for LISS I take a 30-45-minute walk outside.



I just stood there, not embarrassed at all. Just laughed!!

229a3bfb78dd0af04aa4c7c4f80779bdNow back to rainy workouts

Like I said, I keep myself going during rainy days by applying certain systems. Here are the 3 basic systems I apply :

  • I wear the right gear for the weather- socks, beanie, gloves- the lot. Especially for LISS days-where I’ll be outdoors. I basically layer up as much as I can and have an umbrella ready.
  • I refresh my memory on my fitness goals- I do this every time when I feel like making a lame excuse to not workout
  • I stick to working out in the mornings before work, with having so many things to do in the evenings I just know I will not work out should I amend my training schedule to the evenings.

So, what do you do to overcome the lazy that comes with working out during rainy days?


Picture reference: Nike Training Club, Pinterest


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