Processed with VSCO with a5 presetWHAT A WEEK hey!!!! I don’t even know how I made it to Friday without losing it a bit.

It was hectic!
Deferred tax kind of hectic! Actually, no! Tax comp, tax note, financials, everything hectic.
I think I haven’t actually experienced hard-core stress until this week. Really hey! I forgot to eat supper on some evenings, I dreamt of calculations, had puffy eyes and didn’t even have make-up time in the mornings.

It was REAL.

Having a challenging, busy week made me realise that I lack the ability to balance- a reality I’ve been denying for as long as I can remember. I’m more of a prioritising person, and the bummer about this is that there are things that will fall through the cracks and get little to no time at all from me. And IT’S OKAY.


I’ve been in denial about my inability to balance because of being sold the idea that being able to balance things is being an all-round individual. And you guys know the perception of perfection that comes with being an all-round individual. Hahaha it’s a good thing perfection isn’t real in my world, I have freed myself from chasing the ideology of being an all-round individual.

So yah, that’s my week in a nutshell! How was yours?


X, Senamile


One thought on “I WAS NEVER READY…TGIF!!

  1. I feel you hey;

    I sometimes beat and bully myself for not doing much to meet my daily goals, but not actually realising that the little steps I take they are for the ultimate goal.

    two days ago I had to remind myself that actually I have to appreciate myself more and the efforts that I take daily; I had a task to present at the boardroom filled with executives of a particular entity, after that presentation there where so many thought running through my head about how I could have done it better but I quickly reminded myself that you know what I did my best and I have to celebrate it; so being me I stopped at the nearest quick shop and bought myself a chocolate. Mind you the following morning management started saying “you did very well!!!!….”

    so to cut the long story short; what we do daily to invest in ourselves is not in vain and we should cut ourselves some slack sometimes hey.


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