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Ever since I started using coconut oil I’ve never looked back. Coconut oil rocks my world, literally- one of the “cure-all” natural ingredients I cannot live without.

It is now part of my monthly “essentials” grocery list.

Coconut oil handles tons of tasks but I only use it for a few, but feel free to search other uses of coconut oil and try it out.

I don’t use coconut oil to moisturise my face, I had a bad experience with it- left my face very dry and cacky- it was just horrible for me. I am not sure why this was the case but for other uses it treated me well.

I currently use coconut oil as a:

  1. Makeup remover,
  2. Lip & cuticles moisturiser, and
  3. Dandruff treatment.

As a makeup remover coconut oil is the one!!! I wear makeup EVERY single day and found that all these different makeup removers and wipes cause rash and an irritation on my skin.


My mother introduced me to coconut oil as a makeup remover and still love it… (I must remember to thank her again.)

Simply apply the oil directly to your face with a cotton pad, the makeup will melt off.


I’m overly obsessed with having smooth lips, I have quite a few home remedies for dry cracked lips and coconut oil is one of them. So, the coconut lip and cuticle moisturiser has become part of my evening beauty routine.

I really cannot stand dry lips and cuticles; coconut oil has been very helpful with keeping my lips and cuticles moist.

As we all know dry scalp goes hand in hand with dandruff, I struggle with this severely. I recently diched the hair products I was using and I’m now only using coconut oil as a dry scalp and dandruff treatment. Just apply the oil on your scalp every day, you will eventually see the results

Like many natural ingredients coconut oil can be used by anyone.

And, is it reasonably priced? HELL YEAH.

So, head to your local health store, get yourself coconut oil and start getting creative!

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X, Senamile


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