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I love, love, loooove nude lipsticks especially nude Matt lipsticks. Being a person of a darker skin tone I’ve always struggled getting the perfect nude shade… think of a “hungry” look lip colour…

Awful right?

Lol, it was bad- very bad!!

A lot of women struggle with nude lipsticks, avoiding that washed out look can be slightly difficult if you haven’t mastered the tricks of the nude.

If you have been through a nude struggle I bet you asking how you can master the trick of the nude.

2017-01-23 11.52.10 1.jpg

It’s simple really, it’s with an EYE LINER.
Yes, you heard me correctly. EYE LINER.
If you prefer using a lip liner that’s cool, I prefer using EYE LINER and just a bit of lip liner.

I normally use the eye liner around my lips, compliment it with a bit of lip liner and then rock my favourite nude lipstick.

The end result is amazing. In fact it’s a trick you can use for all lipstick colours.

I live by this trick.

Thanks must be given to the make-up gurus that teach us these things. No more avoiding nudes completely

I swear to you my life in nudes has never been the same

Chat soon!

X, Senamile


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